SUGARLAND bar club disco Hua Hin Thailand | Nightlife in Hua Hin
SugarLand is open 7 days a week from 3pm until late - Designed as a Lounge Sexy Chic Bar Club Theater, SugarLand offers a full on 360° "bar club and Live Music" experience in the heart of Hua Hin Thailand - Golf Players choose SugarLand as meeting spot in Bintabath district Hua Hin, The famous cocktail bar... A stylish Lounge with a touch of good events : Live Music {Blues and Jazz House Music, RocknRoll}, Dj International Music Charts remixed
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Nightlife in Hua Hin


Nightlife in Hua Hin – (ref article ; Nightlife in Hua Hin)

There are over 50 bars and pubs in Hua Hin. You will be spoilt for choice, many old pubs made long time ago and few of bars are freshly renew and designed for have a good moment – There is SugarLand Bar Club with the Dayly show of one of the best Live Band from Thailand, Thai people, tourists and expat love this place with a touch of modernity and good cocktails for good prices… (Happy Hour 59 Thai Bath)
Hua Hin nightLife is less intense than in Pattaya but with thoses kind of new place as SugarLand, the NightLife in Hua Hin becomes more dynamic with the Live Music, well know in town. Most of the pubs and bars in Hua Hin are beers bars type but you can fin good red wines, imported beers and Champagne at The SugarLand Bar Hua Hin… This is the only one family friendly, from 3pm until the closing time. Hua Hin at night is a great place, you have to go at the LIVE ALIVE SHOW at the SUGARLAND Bar Club Hua Hin…

Many people from all around the world visit Hua Hin in Thailand (2 hours from Bangkok) for its picturesque and nice beaches and mouthwatering seafood. However, the lively nightlife is also well worth exploring. We present one of the best places to have a drink in the area (Bintabath Red District).

From 5pm until late the SugarLand Bar Club Hua Hin is the new place to be in Hua Hin. It’s the biggest place in town, newly opened in  town. SugarLand become step by step the best of Nightlife in Hua Hin –  The bar is a perfect destination for you to chill out and relax from 5pm, and is a place where you can enjoy a quiet begining of evening with a glass of wine, Thai and imported beer or cocktail with your friends… Speakeasy place with a touch of design, you will love its.

SugarLand pub bar club is located Soi Bintabath near and free from traffic, all taxis, tuc tuc are very close… Hua Hin and SugarLand bar club is a clean and a nice place for families, individual tourists and expats…Try it, you will appreciate…

SugarLand Bar Club is surely ready to enjoy for everyone’s taste, with different entertainment provided in the bar. You can choose to have a relaxing moment with a glass of local beer, red wine, champagne... The bar offers a great selection of beer, vodka, Rhum, Gin and cocktails... together with fresh fruit juice that is ready to impress.

There is also a clubbing section where you find live bands and DJs playing the most popular songs and your favorite sound. This is the place where you can dance a little and have fun.

If you are looking a bar with great atmosphere, then SugarLand Bar Club in Hua Hin may be a place you don’t want to miss. The bar resembles a modern theater, with a great decoration. When you step inside the bar, you will instantly be intrigued by the chic vibe given off by the velvet red sofas and neon lights. Accompanying the wide range of beer and spirits selection is the dance floor…

Hua Hin is a great place to relax at day time and enjoy at night time. What is also great in Hua Hin that the Hua Hin pubs, bars and clubs are located within a small area, wich take around 5 or 15 minutes to cover by walk – You could start at SugarLand to take a drink and meet new friends and go around to diner and go back to SugarLand for the LIVE ALIVE SHOW (starting time about 19pm…)

Being a popular evening meeting place among the locals, SugarLand Bar Club in Hua Hin surely knows how to impress their guests and keep them entertained all night long.

The SugarLands decoration and lighting design are simple in the VIP Lounge of the SugarLand Bar Club, bringing you a cosy and homely feeling. You can interact with the bartenders at the SugarLand Bar Club Hua Hin and get a creative cocktail mixed exclusively for you. The bar has all sorts of entertainment, ranging from live sports matches, to pool and live music… The SugarLand supports Golf player and becomes a Golf Player meeting point in few month…

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